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When you buy our batteries you are guaranteeing immense power in a small box

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quality and assurance

MAKTIG® is the result of years of study and technological advances in the area of electric battery storage.

Top quality

The best quality you can get

Awesome Technology

We power our batteries with cutting edge technology

Extensive Range

A complete range of batteries for passenger cars, vans and trucks

Fair Price

You can't get a better price quality offer

Extended Warranty

Up to 24 months of warranty

Happy Deal

Your happiness is also our business ;)

About Us

Our brand was born in Europe and is the result of years of study and technological advancements in the area of electric energy storage.

MAKTIG® uses cutting edge technology in the production of its range of products. Proven technology in more than 15 countries, our products are tested to the limit to meet the highest standards.

Our Range

batteries for all needs

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Auto / Truck / Suv

Complete solution for any car or truck. Asian range included.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty batteries of all sizes

Start & Stop

EFB and AGM technology available

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